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#10 - Bloons Tower Defense 2 (8.4/10)

  One of the first popular tower defense games on our site (along with Antbuster), Bloons has since outgrown Armor Games and created a family of Bloons games to enjoy. Still, this classic game is good fun, even despite its aged graphics. Be a Super Monkey and get to popping those balloons with some road spikes and a boomerang.  

#9 - Hands of War Tower Defense (8.4/10)

  The power of the Heartstone has mysteriously faded and the land of Tempor lies broken from years of civil war! Some of our readers may already be familiar with the Hands of War RPG series, but did you know there was also a Hands of War Tower Defense? Featuring a unique story-line to go along with the tower defense gameplay, this game offers a a lot in the way of level customization.  

#8 - Demons vs. Fairyland (8.5/10)

  A recent addition to Armor Games, prepare to snatch away babies from the nice fairyland folks then defend the little tykes from invading forces of good. Demons vs. Fairyland is a quirky tower defense that allows you to play as the bad guy. This tower defense title can be a bit challenging, but the ability to summon undead and lay chain-lighting through foes keeps you coming back for more.  

#7 - Crush the Castle TD (8.8/10)

  A departure from the normal Crush the Castle games, Joey Betz and TOGE Productions teamed up to create Crush the Castle TD and join the tower defense genre. After a history of destroying castles, who would have thought your kingdom would be invaded? As the Siege Master, it’s time to line your towers with archers and arm them with ballistas to defend the empire.  

#6 - Bubble Tanks Tower Defense (Rating: 8.9/10)

  Half-way through this competitive list and you find something quite different from the rest, not arrows or cannons – but bubble warfare! Mega towers, 52 game modes and an army of bubbles to pop – you will soon be lining up towers (also made of bubbles) for hours on end. Bubble Tanks Tower Defense has an easy learning curve. Get sucked in and lose track of time as you gun down those evil circles!  

#5 - Bunny Flags 2 (Rating 9.0/10)

  Thumbs, thumbs everywhere! Thumbs are the natural enemy of bunnys naturally, and the only proper thing to do is lay down towers and traps to protect your flag from the fingering horde. In Bunny Flags 2 you’ll also get to control a bunny comrade and will place barricades and towers while leveling up and unlocking new abilities to further increase your fluffy powers. What’s the sound of a bunny war cry?  

#4 - Incursion 2: The Artifact (Rating 9.3/10)

  So they’re not quite towers, but this highly addictive game from Booblyc has the similar defense type strategies. In Incursion 2 build barracks of troops that you can train to produce soldiers, archers or sorcerers. You also have a powerful hero, Targa, that will help out in the battle ahead. Upgrade your units, buy new powerful spells and items to help you slay wave after wave of evil foes.  

#3 - GemCraft Labyrinth (Rating 9.4/10)

  First, it must be stated that ALL the GemCraft games are rated very highly. This entry includes GemCraft (9.4/10), GemCraft Chapter 0 (9.3/10) and GemCraft Labyrinth (9.4/10). Without question, GameInABottle knows tower defense, and we’ve lost countless hours placing devastating gems into well-placed towers. Though simple to start, this game quickly picks up steam and heads into the blissfully complex. We’re excited about GemCraft: Chasing Shadows coming soon!  

#2 - Cursed Treasure 2 (Rating 9.4/10)

  With an updated art style and gameplay from the original Cursed Treasure (9.4/10) tower defense game many of our players enjoyed, Cursed Treasure 2 has dominated a lot of our lives here at the office. The tower upgrades and dropped items make it a game where you addictively click for enough to enhance that last tower. There have been new maps and Quests added since we’ve launched this game, so if you think you’re through with the game you may want to check again!  

#1 - Kingdom Rush (Rated 9.7/10)

  Was there any doubt? Kingdom Rush remains supreme on Armor Games. It’s level of polish, gameplay depth and your ability to make sheep explode by clicking them hasn’t been surpassed in a flash game to this day. We all are looking forward to the PC version of Kingdom Rush Frontiers, and though we don’t have a date for it’s release yet – we’re just hoping the whole office doesn’t go on vacation to play it. If you haven’t played Kingdom Rush, you must. It’s one of the best games on our website.  
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